Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall Installation

Curtain Wall is a design focal point for commercial buildings and high-end bespoke modern homes.  They add design interest to architecture and allow for maximum light within a space. The Curtain Wall system works as a single unit and drains through sub-sills to solve water leakage.  These single-serving units give you the benefit of breathtaking views, natural light, and resistance against moisture, wind, earthquakes, and heat. This one frame will make the design of the space as well as make it simpler and reduce the wall structures. A curtain wall system is a wall that is composed of many irregularly shaped panels which are designed to keep the weather out and allow light to flood in.

Glass curtain walls can transform a room from ordinary to spectacular.  Aluminium glazed walls blur the divide between inside and outside, allowing you to have views of the outdoors and natural light.  Ase windows aluminium curtain walling offers a range of aesthetic solutions, such as different styles of face caps from horizontal to vertical lining, to a more minimalistic look using structural glazing or clamping technologies. Ase Windows also offers tailored solutions for projects that require specific architectural designs on an aluminium façade.

ASE ALUMINIUM WINDOW & DOORS is manufacturing a full range of aluminium windows, entrance doors, roof systems, and more in Melbourne, Australia

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