Bay and Rakes Windows

Bay Windows in Melbourne

Our team of experts will work with you to design a bay window that suits your taste. We offer an array of designs, from classic arches and circular shapes up through unique customization options like rakes or even individual panes for added effect! Suited best as living spaces in homes but also great if space is tight because they allow some light into one room while still protecting outside elements such as rainwater damage caused by leaks at joints between materials assembled without cement sealant Bays were always popular before there was extensive technology available so now many more people are taking advantage this beautiful tropical architectural element. 

Bay windows are perfect for bringing the outside in. They provide a stunning view, while still allowing you to use your home's space without sacrificing comfort or safety- what more could one want? Bay designs come with many different features that will suit virtually any taste including arches and circular shapes designed just for you!

Rake Windows in Melbourne

Raked windows create a sense of height and space. They offer expansive views that may include the sun, moon or stars depending on where these are in your home! Raking also allows natural light into rooms which is great for calming moods at night-time when you're feeling tired from all day's activities - just move next door to one with louvered shades so shadows don't creep across floorboards anymore...

Rake-style sashes can be added as well if desired; this will not only add another layer between you and any outside elements, but it might help keep cool air inside during hot weather by giving off ventilation. 

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