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French Doors

Looking for Aluminium French Doors in Melbourne? We have no better choice than our aluminium windows and doors. We have extensive experience in installing all kinds of aluminium doors, including double glazed French doors, sliding French doors, bifold French doors and French doors for park homes amongst many other varieties for residential, commercial and semi-commercial applications.

What Are Aluminium French Doors?

French doors are a type of door that has panels of glass inset into it for aesthetic appeal and to let more light into a building. At High-Quality Aluminium Windows & Doors, we can create a custom size and shape for your doors to make them fit different doorway heights. This is especially useful for older buildings where individual measurements are required. French doors are equally suitable for commercial and residential buildings. French doors made of glass can provide an attractive feature to your business premises.

Our aluminium frames and double glazed glass panels offer you the ability to create your own zones of focus, calm, or privacy throughout your home. Double-glazed windows reduce the amount of sound that is transmitted between rooms, giving you more usable living and working areas for the whole family to enjoy. It also helps with thermal insulation, keeping your living areas comfortable all year round.


French Doors Repair & Replacement Services

If you know your aluminium French doors need some work but are unsure whether you need a repair or a replacement, we can help you decide what is right to do. Just give us a call and we’ll come out for an inspection and a free quote. If you might need a custom size, we can advise you on that too.



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