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Aluminium Casement Windows Melbourne

Our window provides a strong frame system with improved performance. The aluminium frame is aesthetically pleasing and is proved to be durable in several different environments, not just residential areas but also commercial settings where semi-commercial configurations are commonplace thanks largely due to its overall strength that allows for greater lengths without sacrificing aesthetics or energy efficiency like most other systems on the market today do. Our sleek and modern aluminium frame makes the window a cleaner, more attractive look. The sash profiles are smooth with an integrated bead line that maintain both classic appeals for those who enjoy traditional designs as well as our own modern take on things to match your home’s decorating style at any given time!


Our Aluminium Casement Window in Melbourne houses a 125mm framing system to increase strength and performance for high-end architectural applications. The overall size allows greater semi-commercial configurations whilst still meeting residential aesthetics not common on commercial systems – it has seals that run along the perimeter of this window’s frame which prevent air or water leakage as well enhance its energy efficiency!

The Casement Window system features smooth, flat sash profiles with an integrated bead line and rounded nose to achieve a modern yet classic appearance throughout. Capable of accommodating large high-performance double glazing or single hung windows up to 2400mm tall the capacious Awning/Casements represent style in its most formidable form for homes today – bold but refined! If you’d like to visit one of our showrooms, please contact us on 0404 148 237 to schedule a visit or speak to one of our consultants.



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