Stacker and Multi Stack Doors

Multi Stack Doors

Many dreams of a house with lots of large windows that let in sunlight and fresh air, but the windows are just so wide open that the frame and sash block the view. For a truly sophisticated and stylish look that opens wide to maximize light and airflow, Ase windows specialize in the design and installation of family-friendly sliding and stacking doors or "stacking doors" in the Melbourne area. 

Enjoy the Sunshine with Multi stack doors in Melbourne

The Stackers doors at Ase Windows are more versatile than windows and traditional patio doors because they are made of large panels that slide together and stack to provide the widest door opening. The slim door saves space. 

The sliding stacker doors slide slowly to one end of the room and do not require a swivel space like traditional hinged or folding doors, thus preventing indoor or outdoor obstacles. Another advantage of Multi doors is that they can keep the corners of the room without losing the light of the large walls. The stackable sliding doors consist of multiple wide panels that slide independently of each other, so they can be used as a regular access door or an open entertainer door. On a raging, windy day, you can get some airflow without turning your house into a wind tunnel. On quiet days, the house can be completely open to the outside and let in fresh air and sunlight. 

Choose the style that suits you

Whether the stackable sliding doors are open in the garden, patio, or outdoors, you can choose a door that complements the style and decoration of your home increase. If you'd like to visit one of our showrooms, please contact us on 0404 148 237 to schedule a visit or speak to one of our consultants

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